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Nanny at home selects and organises a suitable nanny for you and your family from its reliable network of nannies in the area, for which it charges a service fee.

In addition, you pay your nanny directly after you have received the nanny service at home. The nanny pay rate is €8,50 per hour when the child(ren) is/are awake. When all children are asleep, the rate is €8,- per hour (maximum of 4 children).
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Nanny service

Service fee €14,50 per booking.

  • To book a nanny last-minute.

  • You will be registered with Nanny at home after our first meeting.

  • You can easily book via email, app, or call us.

nanny rates

Nanny rates

  • Children asleep: €8,- per hour

  • Children awake: €8,50 per hour


You will pay your nanny this amount directly after the nanny service. You can pay your nanny cash or use internet banking.

Other fees

Nanny at home & parties


For these special services we charge separate fees.

Please contact us for further information.

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